Nov 08 2019

A truck driver was airlifted to hospital yesterday following an accident on the Federal Highway near Goulburn.


Two pantechnican trucks were involved with one apparently rear ending the other.


It went through the barrier at the side of the road and tipped onto its side.


As a result both southbound lanes were blocked.


One driver sustained minor injuries and the other was flown to Canberra hospital.


Nov 08 2019

Goulburn Mulwaree councillors are prioritising their approach on the development of a new community centre for the city.


The council is currently considering the occupation of the former Bourke street depot by a multitude of groups and it sees this as the first priority.


Council members voted this week to pursue the connections which have been made with these organisations.


GM Warrick Bennett says major re-development of the Bourke street site will be considered later.

Nov 05 2019

Rain in the Goulburn area in the past day or so has been welcomed.


Checks on local properties show varying intensities of moisture.


Goulburn's official reading to 9 o'clock this morning was 8.6 millimetres since rain started on Sunday.


At Pomeroy 10 mils have fallen while at Currawang there have been 15 millimetres.


One property at Marulan registered 6 mils while another north of the town checked double that amount.


People on the land are thankful that the latest falls have put water into home storage tanks.


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