Oct 28 2019

South East Local Land Services is encouraging stock producers within its area to attend upcoming confinement feeding and drought management workshops.


In the immediate Goulburn area, one of these will be held at Tarago on November 7th.


Land Services says with pastures drying off quickly in the last several weeks, the workshops will provide information that will help producers to make feeding and drought management decisions.


A spokesman says with the Weather Bureau predicting below average rainfall for the rest of Spring, it is important for producers to think about how they will manage the period ahead.

Oct 23 2019

Road re-surfacing work has started on sections of the Hume and Federal highways between Yarra and Sutton.


Roads and Maritime Services says the work will deliver smoother and safer travelling for road users.


Work is being carried out on week-nights between 7pm and 5am for the next several weeks, weather permitting.


On the Federal, work is underway at Yarra on southbound lanes between Kibby Rest Area and Thornford road as well as northbound lanes between Rowes Lagoon and Wollogorang road.


Re-surfacing work is also taking place at Sutton for 200 metres south of the Sutton road bridge.

Oct 23 2019

More than $210,000 from the state government has been gainfully used in various enhancement projects in villages in the Goulburn Mulwaree area.


At Bungonia hall, $22,500 has been used for a community LED sign for notices and events and at Marulan, $54,000 was spent on a block of amenities at Tony Onions Park.


$13,400 has secured a community LED sign at the corner of Middle Arm road and Campbell's Lane while the Uniting Church hall in Parkesbourne village, had a wheelchair and diability access from $14,000 provided.


Tarago village has installed a new outdoor playground suitable for pre-school children at the Memorial Park as a result of a $29,000 allocation.


For nearly $18,000 there is a community LED sign at the Towrang hall as well as a refurbishment of the barbeque area.


A grant of $23,000 has enabled the installation of a storage shed at Windellama showground for Little Athletics equipment storage and air-conditioning facilities have also gone into the Windellama hall.


In Tallong village $27,000 will enable an electrical upgrade, installation of a 30,000 litre tank with pump for the hall and a gazebo for the village's Memorial Park.

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