Jul 23 2012

New Candidate for Goulburn Mulwaree Richard Orchard believes council would be irresponsible to take up 35 million dollars of state government loans.

The money gives council an option now to borrow $31.59 million to build a new sewage treatment works.

Mr. Orchard believes the Sydney Catchment Authority have decided to make Goulburn pay with a risk of dirty water ending up in their river system.

He's also critical of council's consultation process.

The Highlands Source pipeline which is still incompleted was funded by State and Federal Governments to the tune of 80 per cent after council dug their heels in.

Mr. Orchard also says using the remainder of the loan on a multi use complex and calling it a triumph defies belief.

Jun 21 2012

The family and friends of Goulburn man Matthew Pugh are thanking the public for their overwhelming support after the 30 year old tragically died last week in Greece.

Family and friends are raising money to bring him back to Australia for the funeral.

Anyone interested in donating can contact Radio 2GN's reception for details on 4821 3377 or send an e-mail to foryoumattpugh@hotmail dot com.

Jun 15 2012

There are fears 13 million dollars  taken out of the state's Fair Trading budget could have serious consequences for Goulburn's local office.

Currently if someone has a complaint about a certain operator they're able to go to the local Fair Trading Office to deal with a customer representative.

Shadow Minister for Fair Trading Tania Mihailuk says this could all change.

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