Nov 01 2019

Fire authorities in the southern area want a large training day in Marulan in November to be a trigger for communities and households also to be prepared for the fire season.


The Rural Fire Service has organised for more than 200 volunteer firefighters to undertake simulated exercises to enhance capability in the field and also to test teamwork.


The training day is listed for November 10th at Marulan.


Southern Tablelands Zone acting manager, George Shepherd says it is essential that everyone is prepared and the November exercise is a timely reminder for households to consider and review their fire plan.


A part of the training day this month will focus on community education and preparedness.


Nov 01 2019

Notwithstanding some disappointments, the operators of Goulburn's Wakefield park raceway say they are ready to move ahead with confidence following conciliation talks.


A week or so ago, the NSW Land and Environment Court brought together the park operators and Goulburn Mulwaree council to work out a way ahead, amid issues of noise from the facility.


In relation to an agreement between the two, raceway operations manager, Dean Chapman is viewing the future positively.

Oct 31 2019

Police have seized a substantial amount of drugs after stopping a vehicle on the Hume highway


On Tuesday, shortly before midday, officers observed a white sedan allegedly driving erratically on the Highway, near Yass.


A search of the vehicle was made and officers allegedly found a large storate bag in the boot containing 16 vacuum sealed bags filled with 7.2 kilos of cannabis.


A 50 year old Victorian man was arrested and taken to Yass Police station where he was charged with being in possession of prohibited drugs and with drugs supply.


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