Jul 23 2019

People living in the southern region are being urged to be alert to the lesser known signs of Meningococcal Disease.


Director of Southern NSW Local Health District's Public Health Unit, Tracey Oakman says the disease can occur at any time of the year but cases normally start to increase towards the end of the flu season.


Mrs Oakman says there were three meningococcal disease cases last year in the health district.


While local numbers were low, she said, it was important to remember that the bacterial infection could cause death within hours.


Most cases occur in infants, young children, teenagers and young adults, although people of any age can be affected.


NSW Health's Communicable Diseases director, Dr Vicky Sheppeard says meningococcal can often mimic other common illnesses.


Nearer Spring, she says it is important that people be aware that nausea symptoms, vomiting, neck stiffness, joint pain, light sensitivity or sudden fever could be something else.

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