Jun 24 2019

A gala dinner at the Goulburn and District Racing Club at the weekend, formally recognised local buiness achievers.


The occasion was the 2019 Goulburn Australia Business Excellence Awards attended by more than a 120 people with judges considering 64 nominations in 10 categories.


Apprentice/Trainee of the year was JDY Electrical's Michael Benett and Dr Chintan Trevedi from Goulburn Family and Cosmetic Dental Practice was named Young Entrepreneur.


The Collective BDCU Alliance Bank picked up the Excellence in Innovation and Excellence in Social Enterprise awards.


Excellence in Small Business recognition went to Industry Dance Company while the Excellence in Business award was presented to Hume Conservatorium.


Employer of Choice was Jigsaw Tax and Advisory and Daimon Poole from McDonalds Goulburn was announced Business Leader.


Jigsaw Plan Management was Start-up Superstar and the Excellence in Customer Service Local award was won by ACR Asbestos Consultants.

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