Jun 14 2017

Concerns regarding parking in Goulburn's main street are still prevalent.


A combination of factors is contributing to this, including the loss of car parking spaces now designated for trees which beautify the area.


One Goulburn business person says operators at the north end of Auburn street were becoming acutely aware of the effect of these spaces now not being available.


Apart from the situation voiced by elderly people about access to car spots, there was also concern from out-of-town people who travelled in to shop in the main street.


In a social media post, Goulburn Mulwaree mayor, Bob Kirk says council is actively investigating and pursuing opportunities for parking development.


He says looking at improved links with off-street parking, purchase of property and other options are all long term considerations.


He stressed that council would continue to improve the look and feel of the CBD, but also improving connectivity and allowing for growth. 

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