Dec 22 2017

A property to host the state's first Koala habitat reserve has been purchased by the government, on the Southern Highlands.


The announcement under the $10 million acquisition programme was made this week by state member, Pru Goward and Environment minister, Gabrielle Upton.


Located on the Wollondilly River, south-west of Moss Vale, the 402 hectare property, forms part of the southern highlands habitat link that joins the Blue Mountains to wilderness areas of the Morton National Park.


State member Goward says the area will provide living space for 1000 koalas and will allow recolonisation.

Dec 22 2017

Federal member, Angus Taylor says the work of his new ministry on Law Enforcement and Cyber Security will for some part have to operate in secrecy.


The federal member was elevated to the ministerial post this week and will work with the Home Affairs minister, Peter Dutton.


Mr Taylor says a big part of Home Affairs will be to work against terrorism.

Dec 22 2017

Yesterday's Coffee with a Cop at the BP Marulan did much to break down barriers between the motoring public and police.


Promoted by the Australian Trucking Association the event drew road users and police alike together to bring awareness on staying safe on the road during the busy time of Christmas and New year.


Attending was the Chief Excutive of the Trucking Association, Ben Maquire who says everyone on the road should be concerned at the number of road deaths occurring.


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