Jun 25 2019

Amid suggestions that Local Government Joint Organisations should become self-funded, Goulburn Mulwaree Mayor, Bob Kirk has disputed the assertion.


A report to Goulburn Mulwaree councillors recently stated that the Office of Local Government was looking at ways that Joint Organisations could be self funded.


This came amid news that state government seed funding for the joint bodies would soon come to an end.


While Goulburn Mulwaree mayor, Kirk concedes the success of the Canberra Region Joint group, he says it could not continue without government input. 

Jun 25 2019

The General Manager of the Upper Lachlan Shire Council, John Bell will soon retire from the position.


Mr Bell has advised that he will not seek renewal or re-appointment of his contract which expires on February 18th next year.


That will be his last day of work.


He will retire after 43 years in local government.


Mr Bell is currently on long service leave and is due to return this year on September the 2nd.


Upper Lachlan mayor, Councillor John Stafford is acknowledging Mr Bell's outstanding service to the former Gunning Shire Council and the Upper Lachlan in the past 22 years.


An executive recruitment consultant will soon be engaged to fill the General Manager's position.

Jun 25 2019

Planning has started in earnest for a resumption of the parade during Goulburn's Lilac City Festival.


The job of bringing the event together has been taken on by Goulburn women, Wendy Antony and Julie Judd.


A call has been put out for help from businesses, schools, sporting and special interest groups, car clubs and marching bands.


The parade is planned for Sunday, October 6th.


Mrs Antony says the prospect of reviving the festival parade is attracting community enthusiasm.


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