Jul 21 2017

A musical collaboration which intimately involved the Goulburn Regional Conservatorium has been named as a finalist for this year's APRA/ AMCOS art music awards.


'The Goulburn Concerto' is described as groundbreaking and has made it into the "Excellence in Music Education" category of the national awards.


It is the second time in four years that Goulburn conservatorium has been recognised at the national level, previously winning the 2015 APRA/ AMCOS art music award for "Excellence in Regional Australia.


This year's awards will be held at the City Recital Hall in Sydney on August 22nd.

Jul 21 2017

Public consultation to help inform 'care at home' reforms has grabbed the attention of Goulburn provider, Baptist Care.


A public discussion paper has been released by the Federal government to help guide the future development of the regime.


Regional manager for Baptist Care Home Services for southern NSW and ACT, Kaylene Martens says her organisation is formulating its response.


She says there is a deep commitment to services in the southern region.


Jul 21 2017

A Goulburn man will face court next month on speeding and drink driving charges after being detected travelling at more than 20 km/hour over the speed limit in a local school zone.


Goulburn Highway patrol was on the job at a school zone in Reynolds street when a car was detected travelling at 64 km/hour in the school zone.


The car was stopped in Union street and a male driver was spoken to.


A road side breath test returned a positive reading and as a result a 63 year old local man was arrested.


A breath analysis at the police station allegedly returned a reading of point-zero-nine-one.


The man will appear in Goulburn local court on August the 30th.


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