Feb 15 2019

The Goulburn Mulwaree Council is moving ahead with its stated intention of improving the appearance of the city's main street buildings.


Its latest thrust has come from allocating heritage grants to a number of Auburn street properties.


Six premises have attracted grants ranging from eight hundred dollars to four thousand five hundred.


A seventh property is receiving $5,000 for work which includes painting but attention will also be given to roof, guttering and downpipe components.


Council is providing a total of nearly $20,000, with the owners of the premises outlaying almost $37,000.

Feb 15 2019

Goulburn Liberal candidate, Wendy Tuckerman has defended the Liberal Nationals government's record on Technical And Further Education.


It follows assertions by shadow minister for TAFE, Prue Car that the TAFE system has been gutted by the government.


Ms Tuckerman has thrown the criticism aside and says a former federal Labor government set the ground rules.


She argues that there has been a substantial increase in vocational training under the present state government.

Feb 15 2019

Goulburn Labor is pressing its case for improved parking in the Base Hospital precinct while there is re-development.


Local Labor branch president, Jason Shepherd says the parking restrictions in place do not consider the needs of palliative care patients and families, who need to stay at the hospital.


Mr Shepherd adds Southern NSW Health should be forced to build a multi-storey car park.


Goulburn Labor is urging letters to the council and Southern NSW Health with the community also able to attend drop in sessions and to engage councillors on the issue.


Drop in sessions will be held at the Civic Centre on Monday, 4 to 6pm and again at the Goulburn hospital on March 7th.


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